Immersive MCAT and Pre-Medical Study Aid |VR|AR

Elevate your MCAT and pre-medical studies with Classimmerse Medical, an immersive virtual reality study aid. Master challenging concepts, like exploring the circulatory system, and excel on your competency tests in a short time.

Discover the future of undergraduate medical education today!

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Classimmerse Medical

Welcome to Classimmerse Medical(VR) your ultimate VR (virtual reality) study aid
for MCAT and pre-medical students. Our cutting-edge technology combines the
power of immersive virtual reality with comprehensive curriculum aligned educational content to
take your learning experience to new heights. Our study
aid offers a range of features designed to optimize your learning journey.
with timers, interactive quizzes and assessments to gauge your progress and reinforce your knowledge. Virtually hold 3D models in your hand like in a real classroom.
Classimmerse Medical (AR) Augmented Reality Version you can explore and understand complex concepts related to the
organ systems Foundational Level 3 circulatory system and other systems like never before. Immerse yourself in interactive 3D models and videos of the heart, blood vessels, and more, allowing you to visualize and grasp
intricate details with ease. Dive into dynamic simulations that demonstrate blood flow and circulatory processes, giving you a deeper understanding of how
everything functions. Whether you choose our
printable materials or e-book format, you'll have a convenient and accessible. Way to enhance your MCAT preparation.

Note - Store models are of single license use and cannot be customized for individual student/user.Foundational 3 MCAT unit has been covered aligned to Open Stax texbook curriculum and other resources. This is not meant for institutional download. Contact us for institutional bulk licenses and deployment including customization of your own courses.

Undergraduate Medical Education

VR Study aid with micro-credentialing support for competency testing for pre-medical, pre-nursing or pre-allied healthcare courses with your own virtual medical classroom.



Digital patient education modules that are empathetic, engaging and personalized. Premium evidence backed content reviewed by highly experienced medical subject matter experts.

  • Heart Attack

    Visual gamified Interactive module for understanding women specific symptoms, care and steps to manage and learn abut heart attack.

  • Stroke Management

    Visual gamified Interactive module to help in understanding stroke related symptoms including post stroke care and management.


    Gamified Health and Personalized Patient Education without medical jargon using visual, voice and text aided with Generative AI and FHIR Data for preventative care. Each content is created and reviewed with expert cardiologist and other healthcare professionals.

    WebXR and VR Version (Quest2)

    • Women/Girl Patient Education
    • Nurses/PA/Allied worker in Training
    • Clinicians
    • Hospitals /Providers
    • Home Care Centers



Class Immersive Learning Toolkit

A patent pending immersive learning toolkit that helps you create content with different modalities and integration to various standard based interfaces in EHR, EMR using standards API like SMART FHIR

Patient Education

Evidence backed data that help in educating patient with highly engaging content at home, in clinics or hospitals.

Medical Education

Medical education for classroom based training that assist for credentialing in a short time.using voice and ai assisted tools.

Health Education

Health literacy and education using simple modalities like mobile phones to teach about handwashing, COVID 19 or more

Sustainable Education

  • Sustainability is related to good health. We use folklore or patient stories to align to UN SDG goals.