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Sustainability Stories - Donate to Sustainability Causes-Ancient Folklore

Sustainability Stories - Donate to Sustainability Causes-Ancient Folklore

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Everyone has a story and we all love stories - from any country of the world. The age old stories told by our grandma is still vivid in our mind and they all have unique lessons to teach without preaching. These stories teach us about preserving habitat, good health and more using funny animals or characters that inspire our imagination. The story uses a fireside narrative style and uses some animations of the central character but does not use cartoon style simulation so that those who are listening to the story can also "visualize" their own imagery.

The first story that the app has is a short story based on a native folklore from Ancient India adapted from the Ancient Jataka tales and can be replayed again with the guide and narrator. 

This project is available on below platforms for donation to proceeds to STEM projects

Sustainability Stories by Learnroll Immerse (itch.io)

App Lab

Sustainability Stories - The Wise Raccoon on Oculus Quest 2 | Oculus


Sustainability Stories - The Wise Raccoon | SideQuest (sidequestvr.com)

FREE (ALL purchase proceeds go towards STEM education for underserved communities).

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