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Pre-Medical Test Preparation-MCAT Foundational Level 3- Circulatory System Study Aid(VR)-Pay As you Go(Monthly)

Pre-Medical Test Preparation-MCAT Foundational Level 3- Circulatory System Study Aid(VR)-Pay As you Go(Monthly)

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Classimmerse Medical

Undergraduate Medical Education

MCAT/Pre-Medical VR Study Aid(Software as a Service)- Headset not Included

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Product  Description

Classimmerse Medical is a VR study aid designed to help pre-medical and MCAT students including individuals learn and retain difficult concepts related to the foundational concept of human anatomy. The immersive VR environment allows students to visualize complex structures and processes in a way that traditional study methods cannot match. The Classimmerse VR study aid includes mock assessment of 10 in VR test and additional 20 multiple choice questions and answers sheet, as well as helpful tips and tricks for success on the MCAT exam.

Module Description

Circulatory System

Product Features:

  • 10 3D Anatomical models with descriptions and label
  • Gross and Micro Anatomy
  • Video Slides Classroom Style 
  • Label a Heart model
  • Practice Mock Test
  • 20 Additional mock tests
  • Voice Activated with Accessible Text to Voice
  • 3D Models can be grabbed and examined
  • Self paced with timers for each section
  • Music with Auto dimming during speech
  • 11 Backgrounds of Skybox
  • Highly calibrated for Non motion sickness with minimal motion graphics
  • Seated VR only (not for room scale)
  • Open Badges Micro-credential awarded at end of course for 80% or more(send screenshot)


  • Improved retention of difficult concepts related to the circulatory system
  • More engaging and immersive learning experience than traditional study methods
  • Improved performance on the MCAT exam
  • Compatible with most VR headsets for easy use
  • Easy integration with Shopify for seamless purchasing and delivery of the study aid.

Target audience: Pre-medical students and MCAT/pre-medical/nursing or allied careers test-takers looking for a new and innovative way to study and prepare for the exam. It can be used for internal competency exams. VR Study Aid is a powerful tool for improving performance on the MCAT exam and retaining difficult concepts related to the circulatory system. With its immersive VR environment and easy integration with Micro-credential, it's the perfect choice for anyone looking for a more engaging and effective way to prepare for the MCAT and 

This module is an early access interactive immersive learning module built with our patented (provisional patent) toolkit. The module allows single users earn a LEVEL 0 micro-credential credit upon completion of the timed quiz and practice label test. It may be repeated multiple times.

Micro-credential also showcases users' proficiency in learning using VR. Most Open Badges credentials are verifiable, standard and stackable.

Note - The Single Use home/classroom version is a limited single user app mainly for use by individuals or students pursuing healthcare careers or practicing professionals or those interested in Foundational 

Additional materials

  • Test Prep Printable (20) Questions
  • Study Strategies
  • EULA Licensing

The module is not meant for a complete comprehensive anatomy but as a test taking supplement for pre-medical, nursing or allied careers test using self paced, voice activated immersive solutions.

Foundational Concepts focus on understanding key functional structures and functions and enable critical skills and problem solving skills.

Detailed Overview

3D Models (With detailed labels and descriptions. Some models are animated with interactive model manipulation)

  • 10 models (simulated and static) in Gross and Micro Anatomy (Heart Static, Heart Animated, Open Heart, Artery, Animal Cell)
  • "Grab" Haptics on Models with Examine using virtual hands close to your view to 
    see internal models closely
  • 6 Plane Rotate and Reset Models

2D Boards - Slides based content in a virtual classroom that provides voice annotated text depicting complex procedures, flows, images or conversations

  • MRI & CT/Images
  • Slides and Images
  • Videos

Practice Tests

  • Practice Interactive Labelling  
  • Timed Mock Test(10) Questions(in VR)
  • Additional 10 Questions (Every month new 10 questions) are mailed-Subscription

Curriculum aligned to OpenStax

Digital Badges

  • Timers for each section test or preview sections
  • Timed Summary
  • Digital Badges are granted to those who score 80% and above(Badgr Open Badges)


  • Text to Voice enabled - Accessibility
  • Music  (optional - add or remove music and sound effects)
  • 11 Backgrounds skyboxes

Once downloaded no internet is required to run app. The app is available for single use and uses cloud based hosting(AWS) for the non store version.

Pre-Requisite for the Course Module

Meta Quest compatible Headset.(You need to purchase your own headset)

Download link will be sent post purchase based on subscription type and verification of user type and takes 7-10 days post purchase.

If you are an institution/enterprise we offer bulk deployment and discounts and earn revenue per course. This is a single user store license.

Free 1 month software trial version(no voice)

Classimmerse Medical VR(Enterprise) can build you a entire new course using Generative AI tools that is specific to your institution including your white-labelling.

We also help you earn revenue per module 5 - 15% created with high quality content course.

 For Bulk Institutional Licenses or Customization contact us directly at info@learnroll.com. This includes (Meta Quest compatible headsets for business use need to be purchased separately)

Disclaimer - Our course content are not endorsed by or affiliated with the creators or administrators of the MCAT exam. The MCAT is a registered trademark owned by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), which does not endorse or have any involvement in the development or delivery of our course. Our course materials and resources are designed to supplement your study efforts and provide additional guidance and practice for the exam. We make every effort to ensure the accuracy and relevance of our content, but we cannot guarantee that our materials align with the exact specifications of the MCAT. It is recommended to refer to official MCAT resources and consult with the official MCAT website for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the exam.

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Cardiovascular Anatomy is a module created to assist in test preparation for students with gamaified models and slides,quiz and mock practice exams. It is a condensed module with timed exercise and summary assessments

Note - Course providers can build their own course using our templates and white label; logos, branding for an additional cost


The content for this specific module is meant for undergraduate level Anatomy courses Some of the courses may be

  • Pre-Health Professionals
  • Pre-Nursing courses
  • 2 year undergraduate programs in Anatomy and Physiology and help prepare for exams like HAPS
  • Allied Workforce credentialing
  • Other vocational or undergraduate programs

The course is highly customizable for various trainings


The users are provided valid open badges one time micro-credential on completeion of course